Partnering with companies all over to help them achieve their environmental and operational goals.


We’re H&H Oil and we’re Here to Help.


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Used Oil Recycling Service

Collection, Tracking, Analysis, Regulatory Compliance and Insurance.

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Used Oil Filter Recycling Service

Used oil filter removal and as a part of our Used Oil Service.

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Used Antifreeze Recycling Service

Used antifreeze removal and recycling.

Partnering with companies all over to help them achieve their environmental and operational goals for over 30 years!

We’re H&H Oil and we’re Here to Help.


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Used Oil Service

Collection, Tracking, Analysis and Regulatory Compliance

Use Oil Filter Recycling Services Icon

Used Antifreeze Recycling Service

Used antifreeze removal and recycling.

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Used Antifreeze Recycling Service

Used antifreeze removal and recycling.

Used Oil Collection and Recycling

From Independent Shops and Garages to Nationwide Operations

We are more than a service company; we are partners in support of your environmental and operational goals. Customers ranging from independent shops to major automotive and airline companies trust and rely on H&H Oil to expertly manage their recyclables so they can maximize their time, money, and mental energy back into the core business.

Our technicians are skilled, robustly trained professionals who work safely around site-specific needs to provide services without impeding customer operations. Moreover, we know our work does not start and stop at the customer’s property line. We take the responsibility of generator liability very seriously by centralizing our operations on the shared goal of mitigating risks through industry leadership in meeting and exceeding OSHA and DOT standards.

Through our integrated refining facilities, H&H Oil currently captures over thirty three million gallons of used motor oil annually, maintaining the generator’s recyclables in a closed-loop system from initial service to finished product. Unlike other companies offering similar services, we can assure our customers that the material we pick up never changes hands during its life cycle, thus reducing the risks associated with the repeated transfer of ownership.

Our commitment to partnering with each customer means we work closely to understand needs and develop innovative solutions for adding value by enhancing and expanding upon our exceptional products and services. It is out of this partnership and through our commitment and vision for a better tomorrow that we proudly introduce ourselves by saying we’re H&H Oil and we’re Here to Help.

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Used Oil Services

We know the importance of properly managing your EPA-regulated recyclable materials. Our experienced technicians work with the utmost care to remove used oil from your facility in a safe, clean, and efficient manner. Once the used motor oil is extracted, H&H Oil will transport the material to one of our integrated refining facilities to be used as feedstock for high-purity base stock and finished products.

Equipment Rental

We know the value of maintaining and storing expended recyclables safely and efficiently. Our service includes equipment rental and advanced storage solutions for maintaining your used oil, filters, absorbents, antifreeze, and parts cleaner washers.

Used Oil Filter Services

H&H Oil also provides its customers with oil filter recycling services. Like our used oil services, we manage this material from start to finish. Once our technician removes filters from your facility, they will be transported to our filter recycling operations, where residual used oil will be captured. The remaining steel and paper materials will be cleaned and separated for recycling.

Liquids and Solids Services

H&H Oil’s vacuum truck and solids removal services also cover a range of other liquids and solids such as oily water, turbine oils, yellow grease, fuel 4, jet fuels, parts cleaner vats, grit traps, and used oily absorbents.

Used Antifreeze Services

H&H Oil’s full range of services to our used oil collection customers also includes collecting and upcycling used antifreeze. The used antifreeze will be removed from your facility via vacuum truck and transported to one of our facilities, where it is processed into a high-purity stock for the formulation of new engine coolant, meeting and exceeding ASTM standards for a variety of automotive applications.

Automotive Shop Supplier

As an enhancement to H&H Oil’s offering to the 10k+ customer base across the Gulf Coast, H&H also acts as a supplier and distributor of select automotive service-related products such as absorbents, high-performance lubricants, and antifreeze.

37 years of Quality Environmental Services

H&H Oil is a Gulf Coast environmental service provider founded in 1986 by three brothers, Harold, Don, and Calvin Heine. H&H Oil is based out of Baytown, Texas and provides environmental services across Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. 

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Common Questions 

We’ve tried to answer a few of our most common questions here. As always, feel free to reach out to us directly. 

Does H&H Oil directly collect or receive used oil from DIY individuals?

H&H Oil is a service provider to businesses. While we service public collection facilities, we do not directly collect or receive used oil or other related recyclables from private, do-it-yourself (DIY) individuals. We recommend using the search tool on to find a recycling drop-off center near you. Type the product (i.e., “motor oil,” “antifreeze,” etc.) and then your zip code, and you will be given information on recycling centers in your area. CLICK HERE to visit the search page on

What's your price for used oil?

Pricing is subject to several variables, such as the price of crude, service location, gallons generated, and other factors. We would recommend that you contact us so that we can give you the best quote possible. Call (800) 777-1498 or use our quote form to get a hassle-free quote from one of our reps.

What do you need to generate a quote?

To generate a quote, we would need a business name, address, contact, existing tank size and gallons generated either per month or per year. 

How do you differ from other companies in this space?

A recent conversation with a customer best sums it up: H&H Oil serviced his automotive shop in Tomball, Texas. He was then low-balled by one of our competitors and went with them for a few months when he realized what he’d lost in the process. He promptly switched back over to H&H Oil citing that our technicans work cleaner, quicker and most importantly, they were careful to stage their operations in a way that did not hinder his ability to service his customers.

We like to brag about reducing generator liability and how we work to protect our customers because, at the end of the day, we know that your success is our success.

What do you do with the used product you collect?

Your decision to use H&H Oil as your service provider not only helps reduce your liability as a generator, it helps the planet at the same time! We work under our parent company to recycle all collected products into a finished base stock or raw material to produce a finished product. We have multiple refining assets across the United States and maintain custody of the collected material from the generator to sales and the final re-refined product distribution.

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